*refuses to get out of the car and help my mom get groceries bc someone i know might see me looking like shit in my house clothes and spongebob flipflops*

The Blonds SS12

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Spongebob - I Don’t Like


Giambattista Valli  Haute Couture Winter 2014

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Artist: Do Kyungsoo
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“I wish I could do whatever I liked behind the curtain of “madness”. Then: I’d arrange flowers, all day long, I’d paint; pain, love and tenderness, I would laugh as much as I feel like at the stupidity of others, and they would all say: “Poor thing, she’s crazy!” (Above all I would laugh at my own stupidity.) I would build my world which while I lived, would be in agreement with all the worlds. The day, or the hour, or the minute that I lived would be mine and everyone else’s - my madness would not be an escape from “reality”.”

Frida Kahlo, “The Diary Of Frida Kahlo”  (via ha-n)

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Nicki Minaj shining a light on the differences on acceptable sexuality from white women and black women.

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