definitely have a lowkey crush on my english teacher and i just left him a very positive and heartfelt instructor evaluation 

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when you hear somebody talking about one of your interests


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Runways from A/W 2014 - Womens Fashion Week

1. Louis Vuitton
2. Chanel
3. Christian Dior
4. Givenchy
5. Gucci
6. Peter Pilotto
7. Roberto Cavalli
8. Rodarte
9. Tommy Hilfiger
10. Versace

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If I give you my phone to look at a picture don’t swipe left or right unless you’d like to die

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i feel small; but so are stars from a distance.
- ten word poem, i. (via noctes)
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Ken Doll Prison Shank, taken off a prisoner in a London Metropolitan Police station in 2013.

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Andrew Zimmern, host of Bizarre Foods, often claims that to know a culture, you must eat their food. I’ve eaten Vietnamese food my whole life, but there’s still so much that I don’t understand about my family and the place we came from. I don’t know why we can be so reticent, yet so emotional; why Catholicism, the invaders’ religion, still has such a hold on them; why we laugh so hard even at times when there’s not much to laugh about. After endless plates of com bi, banh xeo, and cha gio, I still don’t know what my grandmother thinks about when she prays.
- Soleil Vy Ho, Craving the Other (via rubato)
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dont remember the last time i wore eyeliner

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maybe u cant tell but im slowly deteriorating inside because of school and final review

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Beyoncé l Jealous

Beyoncé’s iconic looks in her Jealous music video

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